Amazing Rack of Lamb


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Rack of Lamb

The Mercedes of all Lamb cuts is the amazing rack of lamb.  Keep it simple with some salt and pepper, coated with olive oil for quick sear, then braise in hot oven for about 10 minutes skin side down.  Let it rest 5 minutes, I know that is the hardest part!


The loin is where the rack of lamb comes from. The loin is near the head, at the top of the animal’s back. This cut is tender and flavorful; one rack can quickly be transformed into an exquisite meal for two.

Rack of Lamb

Our racks come chined which means the tissue between the bones is removed so it’s easier to cut the ribs into chops and to shape it into a crown if you’d like.  It is my favorite cut of lamb.  I love to put light cherry or pecan smoke on it and then roast it on my Big Green Egg as whole rack.  Then I can cut to a single or double wide chop and maintain the medium rare consistency.  

Additional recipes will be added HERE as we find one we like!

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