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Katahdin Sheep in Tennessee

Welcome to West Fork Farms, home to our family, a few dogs, lots of sheep, several horses, couple of highland cows and few million bees!

all natural premium Tennessee lamb

Rack of lamb

Our lamb is raised on the banks of the West Fork River in middle Tennessee. The farm has been in our family since 1904! The lush pastures provides a natural delicious and healthy diet, as well as an ideal environment in which the animals freely graze. Raising livestock on pasture has significant benefits for the health and well being of the animals and in turn for our health. Oh and it produces an outstanding all natural premium meat! We have our favorite recipes located here.

Katahdin Sheep

We chose the Katahdin sheep as our choice for raising lambs.  The Katahdin ewe is a long productive animal as well with ewes being very productive even over 10 yrs of age being common.  She is a true jewel.  The perfect mother, easy of the eyes and easy on the inputs.  They provide plenty of milk, great maternal instincts, few lambing problems and normally give births to twins without difficulty.  Lambs are born with great vigor and the will to live and thrive.

Katahdin Sheep with twin lambs

Katahdin sheep are very adaptable breed and are found in all 50 States and Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, UK and several more countries around the world.

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