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Reference Rams

These are the previous rams we have used over the years.  Some we used more than others and some made bigger impacts on our current genetics than others, but each were chosen for a reason.  Looking at them always keeps my grounded in knowing you can’t improve what you don’t measure as they were all beautiful animals.  We like to keep the info there for people who like that kind of stuff….., yeah I am that kind of person…..

ELR 9194
ELR 9194 "Lil Dan" - 6401562019ELR194
NWT 337
NWT 337 "Maximus" - 6400522012NWT337
CMG 16103 Old Red
CMG 16103 "Old Red" - 6400292016CMG103
WFF 16045
WFF 16045 - 6401042016WFF045
WFF 18041 "Phantom Kat" 6401042018WFF041
JM 6-06
JM 6-06 - 6401042016JM606
COR 14-04
COR 14-04 - 6401042014404COR
USD 19071
USD 19071 "MacArthur" 6400612019USD071
JF 19008
Jubilee JF 19008 "Fortmeyer" 6400382019JF9008
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