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CCC 1375G "Patriot"

Registered Katahdin Ram

Well sometimes you just see a Katahdin ram and instantly make a decision to buy it.  Patriot was that animal for me.  Raised by a friend in Oregon, Correy McAtee who decided to get out of the Katahdin business and I was fortunate to grab this guy.  This is my 2nd ram from Correy and both were impulse purchases and I doubt she has sold any faster!  My messages are usually, you still have that ram?  I will take it!  

This Katahdin ram has some serious depth of body and length that we hope adds to his ewe lambs.  With an adult body weight of 252 lbs, Patriot should throw some nice moderate sized offspring without adding too much frame and size for extra input cost on your ewe flock maintenance requirements.  If anyone knows me, knows that I select rams strictly for producing replacement ewes.  Hopefully with some genomic connections later this winter I will get some NSIP data on him to add to his resume.

Another thing I like to see in a Katahdin ram is balance phenotype.  Just plain pretty.  Patriot checks that box with ease.  With this rams’ extended pedigree from my friend Mark Dennis of Country Oak Ranch good looks and heavy muscling are a trade mark of his program.  Mark is retired now and his wealth of knowledge of the Katahdin sheep breed may never be replaced.  

In fact, I do a podcast called SheepThings and Mark was the first person I wanted to interview.  You can catch his episode and many more right here

CCC 1375G Patriot
CCC 1375G Patriot


We plan on collecting this ram later this winter after some much needed rest after breeding season.  Stay tuned!

You would be purchasing semen only from us.  The semen is frozen, stored and shipped by State Line Cryogenics in Bronson, MI.  Contact Kelsey for coordination and charges on shipping.  


The first Patriot offspring will be in the spring of 2023.  We look forward to seeing them and once they arrive check back here and we will post some picture of them right here.  We plan on crossing him to several different types of ewes to see how if any are magical!

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