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Our current registered Katahdin Rams are chosen for producing Katahdin lambs that are hardy, parasite resistant, and that yield higher pounds of lamb born and raised without losing the maternal traits that make the Katahdin breed so strong.  We use detailed, accurate production records and EBVs to make selection and breeding decisions for our Katahdin sheep flock.

Picking out new rams is like going to a Ford dealership and looking through tons of options.  With EBV’s from NSIP you have the ability to select traits you want to improve on to help your current flock.  It is a balancing act trying not to get caught up in single trait selection but rather trying to increase every trait equally.

The most important thing you can do for improvement within your flock is to select the correct ram.  The ram is only half of your lambs genetics, however those replacement ewe lambs from that ram can make lasting impressions in your flock.  The correct ram can make the fastest improvements in your flock.  

Something I see quite often is a breeder will keep swapping rams every year hoping for better lambs, but they never replace the ewes.  Hopefully the ewe lambs from your ram and current ewes are better than there parents if you are successful.  Those ewe lambs from that cross is where you will find the genetic merit from your ram.  So choosing that ram is the most important decision due to those replacement ewe lambs.

Below are the rams we have chosen and a little bit about them and why we chose them for our flock.  We can only hope they make the lasting impression for years to come.

Current Registered Breeding Rams in use or on stand by!
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