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This page is a place we will use to show you the stuff we use.  Once the podcast went live, the messages went crazy on comments of about different sheep management practices and the stuff we use on our farm.  So best thing to do is write it done so maybe someone else can benefit.

Check out the SheepThings Podcast on your favorite Podcast player or visit the website to listen from there.  

Lambing Calculator

Lambing Due-Date Calculator:
Enter Date of Breeding:
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Expected Lambing Date:
Range of Lambing Dates:
Gestation in sheep varies from 142 to 152 days with the average being 147 days. Just like people, individual pregnancies can vary,  gestation periods of 138 to 159 days are not unheard of. Ewes carrying multiple lambs tend to have shorter gestations while male lambs (and heavy birth weight lambs) are usually carried for longer than female lambs. The form below calculates the lambing date based on a 147 day gestation period.

Prohibit Calculator

I have attached my spreadsheet I use for mixing the concentrated dose of Prohibit.  Use at your own risk.  I use the concentrated dosage do to the lower amounts of fluid to give per treatment.  I like taking 500 ml bottles to use instead of several gallons.
I use the concentrated dose of 2 cc per 50 lbs. fill in the red cells on spreadsheet and it will tell you how many grams of prohibit to use with how many ounces of water.  Prohibit should last approx 90 days stored properly once mixed.  That is why I only mix what I expect to use in a 30-60 day time frame.  

Associations we are Members of

I get asked on regular basis what are the benefits of joining a species specific association or a state association or regional club. Currently I am a lifetime member of AQHA and APHA, president of Tennessee Sheep Producers, past president of Katahdin Hair Sheep International and current board member of Eastern Alliance for Production Katahdins and the hair breed rep for National Sheep Improvement Program. I am active member because I have a continuous need to learn myself. I learn something from every board meeting, every annual meeting, every webinar, every field day. Might be small might be simple like the seasoning used on the meat for lunch. But it has been as simple as a design of a wooden sorting gate that I replicated on my farm that I feel is one of the most useful pieces of equipment when working sheep. All those lessons learned for mere $30-$50 a year? Go visit your vet or have them come out one time and see what they charge you for that education? Association membership are the cheapest form of learning there is. Now I have been member of less active groups. When that is the case step up and help. It is hard to pull off all those educational events and communications, articles, etc. together with volunteer committees. So when we help you, we need your help in return to be active and help us help more people get into the industry and learn and stay within that industry. Most people get out because they can’t figure out their niche or issues that can mostly be resolved with education.

Books We Read, or at Least Look at the Pictures!

Equipment we use and recommend

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