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NWT 337 "Maximus"

Registered Katahdin Ram

NWT 337 is one of the most proven maternal Katahdin rams in Katahdin breed history. Very few rams have more progeny in NSIP than NWT 337.  With progeny born in 5 flocks, and over 400 sons and daughters going to many more, this ram has proven himself to have some of the highest prolificacy genetics in the country.  Raised by Hound River Farm, NWT 337 set the standard for many years with continued success as some of the top rams are sires/grandsires of this legend and we are honored to get to use him in his final years.  We are hoping to gain his maternal presence in our replacement ewes.  Biggest percentage of our ewes are bred to this ram and will be until he quits breeding.  We feel this ram is a flock changing type of ram.

Over the last several years, some of the highest selling sheep within the Katahdin breed have been out of daughters or granddaughters of NWT 337 “Maximus”.  Maximus is the Latin term for “greatest” and we think the shoe fits!

At current ripe old age of 9 he acts and looks like a 5 yr old.  When NSIP creates a trait for longevity, Maximus will be the King!

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