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WVF 2-1160 "Brother White"

Registered Katahdin Ram

Ran across this ram kind of by accident I guess.  Brother White was purchased as a young lamb and used one season.  Everyone likes to trade rams every year but me I guess.  I like to get 2-3 years out of them unless something else comes along better and I just don’t have a use for it anymore.  But until a better one is on the farm, I don’t sell them.  I have been in the situation more than once where my only ram or main ram died shortly before breeding and that makes it very hard to replace on a moments notice, so I tend to have a few extra rams just in case.

Raised by Tom and  Lindsay Hodgman at Waldoview Farm this ram is a nice balanced ram.  The older I get the more balanced I like.  Single trait selection is a long term rabbit hole that would be hard to get out of.  Slow and steady like the tortoise works!  Top 10% for WWT, MWWT and US Maternal Hair Index!  Top 15% for PWWT, NLB & NLW.  

His first lambs will arrive late winter 2023 and we look forward to seeing them!  Another maternal heavy Katahdin ram to build replacement ewes from.  Notice a trend?  The Katahdin breed is a maternal breed and need to make sure we don’t lose those traits.

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