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UU 2214 "Vinny"

Registered Katahdin Ram

I like to look for rams that fill a need without losing progress in other traits.  Vinny fills that need looking for more parasite resistance without losing maternal & growth.  Purchased from Vince & Nancy Pope at Double Ewe Farm this ram is a nice balanced youngster.  This ram is the most balanced ram I have seen or have been able to purchase.  Top 5% for WFEC & Top 10% for PFEC while maintaining Top 4% WWT and Top 1% PWWT.  And if that wasn’t balanced enough, Vinny is still in Top 20% for US Maternal Hair Index!  This was my first choice from the Pope’s but they decided they didn’t want to sell and use him themselves.  But my 2nd choice didn’t work out and I was able to grab this one after they used him late in the winter.  Sometimes I rather be lucky than good.

His first lambs will arrive late winter 2023 and we look forward to seeing them!  Another maternal heavy Katahdin ram to build replacement ewes from with a strong parasite resistance added.  

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