Meinders 20015 - Katahdin Ram

Registered Katahdin Ram for sale in Tennessee. West Fork Farms offers this 2020 ram, Meinders 20015. This ram is a looker. 20015 was raised by Meinders Stock Farm. He has a ton of milk being almost 2! 4.166 Pwwt (Top 10%), -55 PFEC, 17 NLW, and a high 111.29 Hair Index! He is the eye catcher when you walk in the pen. Huge 35.5cm scrotal as lamb. He was a good 20 lbs + heavier than his contemporary group and twin brother. If you are looking for a Katahdin ram to increase maternal traits in your flock he can do it. His dam’s sire is the very proven ram CMG 16103 “Reddington” and grandsire is famous NWT 337 “Maximus”. Those 2 rams are some of the strongest proven maternal rams the breed has to offer over the last 20 yrs.