Not sure how many people podcast these days, but for sure something that I have started listening to over the last 2 years. Then back in fall of 2019, I had this crazy idea to create a podcast for the sheep world. I had been listening to a horse trainer podcast and he brought in industry leaders and discussed topics that were current and some history as well. I thought for sure that is what we needed for sheep. Turns out I was right! I spent a couple months thinking and found me a co-host. Then we spent another few months on ideas and finally one night Caleb said heck let’s just record ourselves and practice! That turned out to be our first podcast and most listened to date. We thank everyone for listening and hope to continue to find guests that will keep our listeners coming back for more.
You can find us on all the popular podcast players, Apple, Google, Spotify, etc or you can listen directly from our website as well.