Lamb Recipes!

When the subject of lamb recipes comes up, it always ends up asking a question I get pretty often, why do you raise sheep? Such a simple question and one I instantly think, duh, lamb chops…..

lamb recipes

We enjoy lamb on a regular basis.  Often trying new and exciting recipes we find or modify to include lamb.  We have added our favorite recipes to our website to share with everyone!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  


One things I used to always try to do is make my own spice rub for lamb.  All the spices at the store would say beef, chicken, pork, etc.  Never lamb.  So I was pretty successful in making something that everyone who tried liked.  I was dead set on making and selling my own rub.  

Then I found the magic mix using 2 commercial rubs and I haven’t looked back.  The 2 mixes I use in almost every lamb recipe I use now unless it specifies a specific spice, are both from Hardcore Carnivore and available on Amazon.  I use the Black and the Camo and I mix them together.  I still do add some salt as both of these mixes together lack some salt.  What a magic combination.  Trust me on this.  Try them and you will surely agree


What areas your lamb recipes come from