Current Rams

Our current herd sires are chosen for producing Katahdin lambs that are hardy, parasite resistant, and that yield higher pounds of lamb born and raised without losing the maternal traits that make the Katahdin breed so strong.  We use detailed, accurate production records and EBVs to make selection and breeding decisions for our Katahdin sheep flock.

NWT 337.422.1652.494.2924.935.83-12.16-.22-.399.292.299112.1
WFF 16045.1981.7742.5995.8896.32843.6567.34-.88-.759.156.062106.56
WFF 18041.1751.2353.1016.8437.087165.71288.08no datano data.189.127108.01
RMK 762Y-.079.5751.1752.2454.3630.7758.52-.888-.279.136.199109.17
ELR 9194.284.0352.4154.4644.308-63.45-85.33no datano data.212.174106.99

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