The Katahdin ewe…… is there a better sheep made? Probably not. She is tough, easy on the eyes, great mother, outstanding milking ability, moderate in size and profitable!

Katahdin ewes possess excellent mothering ability, plenty of milk, few lambing problems, and normally give birth to twins without difficulty. Mature ewes frequently produce and raise twins or triplets and are out-of-season breeders.  Katahdin sheep are low-maintenance and commingle well with cattle, allowing for increased profitability for ranchers.

As a breed, Katahdin’s are more resistant to internal parasites than most other breeds of sheep.  Mature Katahdin’s rarely require deworming. We select breeding stock based on the performance data for proven parasite resistance. We cull hard to improve mothering ability and select for vigorous newborn lambs. If they pass our test, then they will thrive for you!