CMG 16103 "Reddington" - Katahdin Ram

CMG 16103 “Reddington”, wow.  When I was lucky enough to acquire NWT 337 “Maximus” I got to thinking man he is old and I need to save a son for future breeding.  Then I thought where is the best son of him now and low and behold my friend Lynn Fahrmeier had 16103 and he has proven to be maybe go down as one of the best balanced proven Katahdin rams in NSIP.  He is a top Katahdin ram that over the course of 5 yrs and close to 250 lambs in couple flocks has proven to be a great maternal ram with high accuracies and top 10% in almost every trait!  Notice a trend?  We are working on building maternal traits in our ewe flock!  First lambs to arrive 2022.