GBR 1042 "Charley Pride"- Katahdin Ram

GBR 1042 is a young ram I seen in the background of a shared photo and instantly wanted to follow this ram’s progress.  Very solid animal raised by my friends Etienne and Isabella Richards of Gibraltar Farm in New York.  Being in the top 1% of WWT and PWWT is no easy accomplishment and to still maintain some parasite resistance is a plus.  Gibraltar Farm is 100% grassfed and using NSIP to improve the genetics of their flock.  Can’t wait to pick this guy up and throw some ewes at him.

GBR 1042 Charley Pride

We now offer Katahdin semen for sale from this ram.  You are purchasing semen only from us.  The semen is frozen, stored and shipped by State Line Cryogenics in Bronson, MI.  Contact Kelsey for coordination and charges on shipping.